I write about people. What motivates people, what makes them tick, what puts them down, what makes them irrational. The driving force of my stories is always linked to emotional stress; it can be caused by ambition, jealousy, greed, fear, love, hate, or good old fashion revenge. This is the fuel of passions and obsessions. The human factor.

I’m fascinated by space projects, genetics, and the evolution of society. I have ideas about the future. Many ideas. Branching ideas, that often overlap without ever connecting in any way. I try to be as realistic as possible, but we’re talking about a number of possible futures here.

I have been reading fantasy most of my life. My first writing attempts were about dueling knights and clashing armies. It’s only a matter of time before a fantasy novel is dissected on my editing table.

Editing. The thought of readers cursing my name from their reading chairs makes my skin crawl. I strive to avoid this by having my stories screened by beta readers and edited by professionals.